Engage Me or Enrage Me Response

Marc Prensky’s 3 classifications of students boil down an incredibly diverse group of students into 3 groups, i believe these are broad classifications that do not account for a lot of factors in student’s lives, but they are fairly accurate and serve as a solid benchmark.

The group that Prensky focuses on is the group that “tunes out” teachers. His argument is that in the past there was less in the world for students to be engaged in, but as technology has advanced and more has been available to students through the internet and portable technologies. Students are increasingly having more and more choices for things to be engaged in, except when it comes to the classroom.

A phrase that stood out to me was “yesterday’s education for tomorrows kids”. Meaning that we are using outdated ideas for a completely different generation of students, students who have the option to be engaged by much more than a pad and paper. Computers, phones, music, and tablets all have changed the way students expect to receive information, which in turn effects there behavior and subsequent distaste for school.

Prensky then argues “game play vs. eye candy” pointing out that educational games can be as pretty as ever with he most up to date graphics but without any meat, the lesson or message is lost. The same can be said for more traditional styles of teaching. A PowerPoint with flashy transitions and animations is pointless without the base of the lesson being engaging.


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