Risky Online Relationship Response Grade 10

The lesson on risky online relationships and how to navigate the web safely I think offered a realistic and practical approach to online safety as it concerns communicating with others. The lesson opens by preaching that the internet thrives and succeeds because of how it connects people. It does not preach a complete avoidance of other people on the web, instead it teaches you how to safely guide your way through the world wide web through an analysis of the web and how we use it. For example debunking the myths and stereotypes about predators and meeting people online. Establishing that not all predators online are strangers, and not all predators online are “creepy old men”.

Internet safety on forums such as craigslist or amazon or ebay, offer a safe community to complete internet transactions, but you still need to proceed with safe internet practices. Keeping the correct information private is imperative and sites such as ebay and amazon and over time these sites have become more secure and private. Using an open local forum like Craigslist is riskier due to the common need to meet with those who you are transacting but sticking to a few guiding principles such as, never meeting someone alone, meeting in a public place, and informing others of the who, what, where, and when are all safe and easy measures to take when using sites such as that.


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