Data Driven Teachers Response

Data Driven Teachers offered a formulaic approach to using date in the classroom, and focuses on both student learning and teacher practices and improvement. The process focuses on 5 key factors: Good Baseline Date, Measurable Instructional goals, frequent formative assessment, professional learning communities, and focused instructional interventions. These 5 factors work together to allow students to achieve attainable and measurable goals while completing formative assessments and making instructional changes as needed.

It is important for teachers to use yearly summarative data to help make changes and improve instructional practice. Good baseline information creates a great starting point for teachers, from there teachers can mold their lessons and instruction to help in areas which students need and also encourage students through their known strengths. It is important to set measurable goals, not only measurable goals but specific goals, improving math scores come from understanding which specific concepts need to be improved, so while improving math scores is the long term goal it can only be achieved through focusing on specific skills that then in turn create measurable improvements in the category of Math.

This data reliant approach is formulaic and there can be many measurable statistics and improvements that can stem from this data driven approach. Opponent to this idea might say that students are more than data. When data represents a large portion of the students abilities, it seems to be a reliable and effective method.


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